Sunday, March 17, 2013

Manish Arora | Fall Winter 2013

Tonight Manish Arora showcases his Fall-Winter 2013 collection for the second time as part of Delhi fashion week. First time, it was in Paris- where he shows his collections every season and what he's making his home slowly and surely. 
This is a collection in lines of what Manish Arora is about, in my opinion: originality, clear vision, personal life reference, and opulence. 

The show opened with a print look. A direct rendition from what he saw at The Burning Man festival in August 2012. It is of no doubt that Manish Arora would enjoy a place like that. He is known to spend New Years holidays dancing to Goa Trance. The prints were of the blue sky, sandy desert and Burning Man featured metallic art installations. Sticking to this new direction of softer silhouettes that please the Parisian and western palettes, this show had easy skirts, belted blouses, fur, bomber jackets, long coats, and Tshirts. I like this shift. Containing the crazy in prints, textures, fabrics, embellishments, colors, and sanity in shapes. The collection rode waves of shifting influences. From Burning man to glitter and opulent gold jewelery inspired from India (and made in India by Amrapali). One of my favourite pieces was the optical illusion green and black top. Nothing short of what a Manish Arora superhero would wear. The evening stuff comprised of black velvet with draped gold chains defining the bodice. Black satin trousers and blouses patterned with a Bindi-esque cut outs. The patterns were strange. Not what you and I have seen before. Perhaps something only visible in the Black Rock desert of Nevada. Oh, but you don't really need to find reason behind it. Comprehend what is obvious - like the letters 'E G O' embellished in gold on a turbaned model.

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