Friday, March 22, 2013

Changing Sun

Ah! when creative people decide to get together and DO things for fun...

Last year Nikhil D (freelance stylist and bloggerconceptualized a shoot with friends (also super talented individuals) using Calvin Klein's men's underwear. Yup - those little fabric garments that have paved way for highly sexy images (see: VodianovaHidetoshi Nakata, Marky Mark & Kate Moss, Lara Stone, Djimon Hounsou to name a few). So whats different from whats not already been done before? Well, for starters both female and male models wore men's Calvin Klein underwear. O-wait they both also wear women's blouses/shirts with their Calvins. It was CK underwear 30 years celebration last year, perhaps that was the starting point for this shoot... 

There are different connotations one can derive from these images. The name - Changing Sun - which was made using names of the 2 models - Goksun Ergur (Inega models) and Lapsang Sundal Souchong (Inega models). The pairing of blouses bought from street shops in Shillong, Delhi and Mumbai with a New York City branded underwear. The waves of high and low make the images interesting. The photographer who is one of the finest young talents in the country- Bikramjit Bose, agreeing to do an independent photo story. The fresh makeup almost identical for the man and woman given by hair & makeup artist Liz Van Der Merwe (Inega Models). 

My favorite take back from this - not having to explain yourself to anyone and doing what makes sense to you. Its exciting to see projects come to life when they are backed by just passion. 

If you enjoy, leave a comment below. Will forward them to the people involved. Thank you!


  1. The youth! vibrant fresh looks! Didnt expect this from India!

  2. Really cool photos!
    Jillian -

  3. you've outdone yourself again miss lovestruckcow.i'm so in love with this post!the stylist is a mad genius and the male model is just something else.
    eagerly waiting for your next awesome posts!

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  5. very cool photos! awesome! nice blog!